Jim Dix Voice Studio

In addition to being an active professional performer, Jim is also a serious vocal coach. He provides expert voice instruction through
Jim Dix Voice Studio, his teaching / Pro Tools project studio in Delray Beach, Florida.

He has studied extensively in classical and jazz genres, both privately and formally at Florida Atlantic University and Berklee College of Music. His introduction to Mix technique came under the guidance of internationally renowned voice teacher Mary Walkley, beginning in 2003. He is currently an associate teacher of her Miami based Connected Voice studio, and an associate member of International Voice Teachers of Mix.

Jim Dix Voice Studio is committed to working with students to create amazing results, and to help students to develop their talents in a way that gives expression to their unique qualities and character, and provides the capabilites needed to achieve their goals.

For more information or to arrange a FREE no obligation introductory voice lesson, visit Jim Dix Voice Studio or contact Jim Dix at (561) 573-5719 or by using the Contact form below.

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- Beginner to advanced

- Develop power and range

- Sing without fatigue or strain

- Make recordings of your singing

- Lessons available anywhere by Skype

Jim's teaching emphases are on effective tone production and use of breath control, resonance, and registration, as well as a practical knowledge of vocal anatomy, the operating principles of the entire vocal apparatus, and general vocal health and maintenance. Of particular importance is a synergistic mix of chest voice and head voice registers to produce a technique which is relaxed and natural yet powerful and dynamic.

Jim's performance experience includes solo and group settings in classical, jazz, pop, rock, and R&B, and continues to perform professionally, doing private and corporate events throughout Florida.

Jim Dix student David Stewart performing at Berklee College of Music
With his versatile performance background, and an active performing schedule, Jim is accutely aware of how pure technique gets translated into great performance in any stylistic setting, and is able to use this awareness to help students apply powerful vocal technique to performance in any genre.

To schedule a free introductory lesson, or for more information on lessons and availability, please call Jim Dix at (561) 573-5719 or use the Contact form below.